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We all know Eastern Europe is kind of sketchy. Its very common for teens and young women to become hookers to earn some spare cash over the summer. Czech Bitch has the hottest home made hooker porn ever!

Czech Bitch features this bad ass eastern European truck driver. He’s basically a cross between a gangster and that Russian cosmonaut from the movie Armagedon. Dude drives around eastern Europe, finds hookers, and fucks them in the cab of his semi trick!

The guy is so bad ass he even fucks them without a condom. Bitch after bitch after bitch. If you watch enough of these videos, not only will you cum all the time, you’ll learn the secrets to fucking dirty girls you meet on the road. Now every time you see a trucker you’ll know how he gets his rocks off – by fucking these hot nasty sluts.

Most of the chicks on the site are pretty hot, and you get to see all kinds of hot chicks with different body types all willing to suck a stranger’s cock! Just because the videos are shot in Europe doesn’t mean you can’t access the site – most of the navigation is in English so you’ll have no problem watching all these secret videos!

There’s a constant stream of new updates, sometimes a few every week. He probably just uploads them when he pulls into a town with WIFI.

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